Located within EpiHub, the library contains over 1300 volumes belonging to Elserino Piol’s collection. These are volumes related to business, ICT, and the history of companies in which Piol participated in writing history.

This space is a blend of modern and authentic past, featuring some of the period furnishings from Elserino’s study and home.

As in Olivetti, the role of design has always given an important imprint to the entire ecosystem, and here we want to make this aspect transparent by using some elements.

The High Chair in Siberian larch wood is a design icon produced by Poltronova in ’72 and signed by Ceroli, as well as the Rosa dei Venti table made of Russian pine with an inlay on the circular top in the shape of a compass rose.

Ceroli received numerous awards and recognitions for his innovative work, and his creations continue to influence and inspire designers and artists worldwide. It was precisely for this innovative character that Piol was an admirer.

Mario Ceroli was also a pioneer of the Italian avant-garde movement known as “Arte Povera” and famous for using natural and reclaimed materials in his creations, blending art and design in original and conceptual works. These same concepts were taken up by architect Olivotto in constructing the façade of the Foundation’s headquarters.