This department responds to the recognition of the technological impact on agriculture, livestock, and forestry globally.

Its main mission is to train individuals with advanced technology skills while ensuring the preservation of the local context and activities and promoting eco-sustainable innovation. This integrated approach is crucial for the positive evolution of these sectors and for addressing challenges such as food security and environmental sustainability.

The first area the Foundation focused on is livestock farming, and in this sense, it supports the Malga Van project in Valmorel. This project is part of the broader context of social innovation that the Foundation aspires to, and the rotational management model of the malga is an example of this. The flexibility and division of burdens allow access to various managers, thus activating a consolidation of forces by establishing the agricultural cooperative Pascolando, composed of young people from the area. The purpose of the cooperative, besides managing the malga and studying the most suitable technologies, is to enhance and increase the product offering, essential for maintaining the Valmorel turnery dairy, a heritage of the valley and one of the few dairies with this model left in Italy.

The project’s focus is to bring innovation to the agricultural sector is engaged in researching the best technologies such as:


  • Remote control systems for the malga and thus activating satellite connection;
  • Virtual fencing: a satellite control system for livestock and setting up the fence through an app;
  • Study of a deterrent system against predators;
  • Sensors for monitoring the health status of animals, enabling control and traceability of the production chain and ensuring product quality.