The Foundation plays a key role in promoting an integrated and sustainable vision of territorial development through direct training of a working group of local operators, which has transformed into a true laboratory of ideas, Laborel.

Through dialogue with public and private actors, attention to individual and collective needs, adherence to eco-sustainability principles, and addressing environmental challenges, the Foundation and Laborel work to ensure a better future for the territory and its community. The small local community, very cohesive and striving to pursue repopulation goals for the area, is well-suited to support this initiative.

PID – Digital Information Point


This technological project arises from the need to support Laborel in territorial and thus tourist development. The PID is an innovative technological device that allows tourists to access contextual information (trails, tourist facilities, etc.) thanks to the aggregation of a multitude of data from the Dolomiti Bellunesi DMO Foundation and other data that will be directly produced by Laborel.

For the Foundation’s inherent purpose, which is to produce replicable elements in similar territorial contexts, the device will be able to update the data in the general database based on its location. A flexible tool that, over time, can become a global and shared database generating data wealth thanks to the continuous integrations of all Dolomite areas.

This project will involve young people from the area who, in developing the software and access interface to the information, will be called to bring innovative vision through their ideas and contributions.

The idea is to make this device available in similar territorial contexts and promote the accessibility of some cross-cutting information (dmo) enriched with local data that is aggregated depending on where the device is located. This way, a global and shared mountain data database is created, generating wealth.