Valmorel is a small hamlet in the municipality of Limana, in the province of Belluno. It is here that Elserino Piol was born on December 8, 1931. Evacuated during the war and later moving to Ivrea and Milan for work, Piol remained attached to his hometown where he used to spend a few weeks during the summer and a few winter days at Christmas in the family home.

Located at approximately 800 meters above sea level, this hamlet, like many other mountain communities, faces economic and social challenges due to depopulation, an aging population, and the thinning of services and economic activities.

The initiatives of the Elserino Piol Foundation are aimed at reversing this trend.


Valmorel possesses the right characteristics to establish the operational starting point for the Foundation. While the Foundation has a national scope, the idea of using technology as a tool to repopulate rural and mountainous areas finds an ideal ground in Valmorel to serve as an “ideas laboratory” (LABOREL) that can be applied in similar areas across the national territory.

The small and closely-knit local community, with a strong focus on the quality of repopulation in the area, is well-suited to support this initiative. Educational institutions in the province offer opportunities for access to talented young individuals, given the recognized high level of technical preparation.


The Foundation will have its operational headquarters in Valmorel. The old inn in the village, with more than a century of history, is currently undergoing extensive renovation. The project is designed by Architect Manlio Olivotto. Upon completion of the work, the building will host the Valmorel Inn, while an entire floor will be reserved for the Foundation.

Valmorel Photos ©Loris De Barba