and Promotion


Training (FOR)

The training activity represents a cross-cutting element across all areas of the Foundation’s interventions and plays a fundamental role in achieving its objectives. This training aims to identify and nurture the professional figures that will be the driving force behind all the Foundation’s initiatives. Furthermore, the Foundation plans to promote training programs through dedicated scholarships.

One of the main goals of this initiative is to make the region attractive to young people. Over the years, the region has faced various economic and social challenges, including depopulation, an aging population, a decline in services and economic activities. These factors have contributed to a perception of the region as unattractive for young people, who often seek opportunities elsewhere.

The Elserino Piol Foundation intends to reverse this trend by making the region more inviting to young people. This is done through a dual strategy. Firstly, by providing training and opportunities for young people who want to explore the innovative potential of technology. This can include access to study programs, scholarships, internships, and other opportunities that allow young people to develop skills in the field of advanced technologies.

Secondly, the Foundation also aims to make the region attractive to international talents who want to discover its potential. This can be achieved through exchange programs, international collaboration initiatives, and international promotion of the opportunities and resources offered by the region. The presence of international talents can enrich the region with new perspectives, skills, and global connections.

Ultimately, the goal of the Elserino Piol Foundation is to revitalize the region, not only in terms of local resources but also by attracting young local and international talents. Training is a central pillar of this strategy, as it forms the basis for a dynamic and innovation-oriented community that can help overcome the region’s economic and social challenges and fully exploit its potential.


Relations and Promotion of the Foundation (REP)

The Elserino Piol Foundation is working on an ambitious project aimed at creating a large window through which to showcase both its history and the context in which it was born and developed, as well as all current and future initiatives.

The centerpiece of this initiative is the renovation of the Foundation’s headquarters, a three-story building designed by architect Manlio Olivotto. This headquarters, located in Valmorel, will play a central role in supporting and catalyzing the Foundation’s activities. At the same time, it will become a gathering point for the cultural and technological heritage of Elserino Piol.

The renovation of the building includes the creation of equipped spaces dedicated to the training of young professionals involved in the Foundation’s initiatives. These spaces will serve to prepare future generations to compete in the field of ICT and advanced technologies.

Furthermore, a large hall will be set up to host and catalog Elserino Piol’s writings, articles, interviews, and personal library. This archive will be divided into two temporal phases, covering the years spent at Olivetti and those dedicated to investments financed by venture capital. The hall will be enhanced with screens where films, testimonials, interviews, and meetings that trace the history of Italian and international ICT and the evolution of innovation supported by venture capital will be projected.

The Foundation’s headquarters will not only be a place of collection and preservation but also a dynamic space for periodic events that will highlight the activities and results achieved by the Foundation over time. It will serve as a communication hub, managing both internal communication and institutional communication to the media, social channels, and investors.

Finally, the Foundation’s headquarters will also host the premises of the ancient Valmorel inn, thus contributing to the preservation and valorization of the culinary and cultural traditions of the region.

In summary, the renovation of the headquarters of the Elserino Piol Foundation is a project aimed at creating a dynamic and innovative focal point that integrates the past and the present. It will be a training center, a historical archive, a communication hub, and a catalyst for activities related to ICT and technological innovation, contributing to the revitalization of the region and the promotion of its cultural and technological heritage.


Foto di Valmorel ©Loris De Barba